Tuagh Acoustic

The Tuagh Acoustic is a bold new take on both the Tuagh model and the world of conventional acoustic guitars.
We've taken the Tuagh body that you all know and love, and replaced the solid wood body with an acoustic soundbox body made from composite materials.

The top is a laminate consisting of two tonewood timbers - usually walnut and oak - and sandwiched between to give physical strength and a crispness to the tone is a layer of carbon fibre suspended in bio-epoxy.

The back and sides are cast from carbon fibre, although if you prefer a timber back and just carbon fibre sides, that's also an option.
Internally, the top has our very own ladder bracing layout, and the back has a unique sound chambering system linked directly to the bridge to enhance and project the tone directlhy to the aesthetically pleasing, rounded over soundhole.

This is a truly acoustic instrument, however if you'd like yours with a pickup fitted, just ask.