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Brand new and fresh out of Mrs BTLX's Custom Finish Shoppe, we have an incredible new twist on the GCM series Ukulele's.

Say hello to our amazing new range of Ukulady's.

So what is a Ukulady?

Put simply, it's a ukulele made specifically for ladies.

We present to you a tenor ukulele, built to the exact same high standards as the regular GCM series, but with a beautifully feminine decoupage custom finish applied by the lovely Mrs BTLX herself.

This particuar Ukulady is complete and ready to ship to you immediately.

Built from the finest mahogany and rosewood, and beautifully decorated in a rustic looking aqua with pink flowers, this instrument is as easy on the eye as it is on the ear.

Ready To Buy Ukulady series ukulele


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