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The Tuagh Artist Series is our prestige model with a number of design tweaks that set it aside from the standard Tuagh Electric models.

The Tuagh Artist features a more streamlined forward-offset version of the standard Tuagh body, and instead of a glued on or bolt on neck, we've introduced a through-neck with a unique spliced scarf joint to bind the body wings to the neck - just like you'd find in an old fashioned cricket bat.

The Artist body is also unusually slim at just over one inch thick.
This allows us to make the guitar a lot lighter than any other solid body electric you've ever played, and even better it means there is virtually no heel at all where the neck and the body meet, allowing your hand to glide freely to the very top of the fretboards dusty end with unencumbered ease.
You'll notice also that the highest fret is aligned with the lower cutaway, which further improves uppwer fret access.


Made from the finest of materials - maple, mahogony, iroko, walnut, teak, oak and red palm, and fitted with high quality hardware these guitars will growl and snarl with the best of them, while also giving a sweet sweet acoustic tone thanks to a fun little quirk of our own Additive Tone Control which uses an under-bridge piezo pickup to shape the tone without subtracting from it.

Made To Order BTLX Tuagh Artist Series Guitar