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The Tuagh is the first guitar ever to emerge from the BTLX design studio, and is the end result of over two years research and development, searching for exactly the right combination of shape, materials and hardware.


The Tuagh Series takes it's name from the name of our company - BTLX. Tuagh being the Irish word for a Batleaxe.


Made from select timbers such as maple, rosewood, walnut and spruce as well as some more modern composite materials, such as our own unique micarta and carbon fibre blend, we feel we've created an instrument that looks as stunningly good as it sounds.

The use of timbers such as spruce alongside other more exotic tonewoods like rosewood, walnut and maple allows us to swap out a lot of expensive non-sustainable timbers for more affordable, environmentally friendly ones. 

This is both kind on your bank balance and also on the planet.

Made To Order BTLX Tuagh Electric Guitar


    UK Shipping is only £12
    International Shiipping is only £15

  • Made To Order

    Please be aware when purchasing this item that it is 100% made to order.
    Until we receive your order, your instrument exists only as raw materials in our workshop. This means it will take a few weeks to produce, finish and post your instrument to you, but the trade off is that you will own a completely bespoke instrument made 100% for you and nobody else.
    If you would rather not pay the full balance up front, you can email us to reserve a place in our production queue and depending on circumstances, the only cost will be a £50 non refundable deposit, with the remaining balance due payable upon completion and before the instrument is shipped.