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The Bodhran Series Banjolele, or Bodhralele™ as we prefer to call it, represents the fusion of two very different cultures into one incredible and fun musical instrument - Irish and Hawaiian.


Your Bodhralele™ will be made uniquely for you. It isn't an off-the-peg instrument. Until the moment your order is received, your instrument exists only as raw materials in our workshop. That's when we get to work creating your unique one of a kind Bodhralele™.


The Bodhralele™ is hand crafted from the finest of materials, and features a genuine Irish Bodhran drum for its body, giving a softer, warmer tone than a regular banjolele.


Making one instrument at a time from the absolute finest of materials, we don't start work on a new instrument until the previous one has been completed, inspected, tested and signed off as perfect. This of course means that every Bodhralele™ is a labour of love.


You get to choose between a plain undecorated skin, or you can specify the design on the drum skin. You can email me a jpeg of the image you want included - you can send me a link to an image you'd like replicated, or you can choose a random celtic design featuring either knotwork or shamrocks.


Every Bodhralele™ will have an under-bridge piezo pickup fitted, and the design features a 2-bolt adjustable angle neck made from mahogany and real hide drum skin.

Made To Order BTLX Bodhralele™ Banjolele


    UK Shipping is only £12
    International Shiipping is only £15

  • Made To Order

    Please be aware when purchasing this item that it is 100% made to order.
    Until we receive your order, your bodhralele exists only as raw materials in our workshop. This means it will take a few weeks to produce, finish and post your instrument to you, but the trade off is that you will own a completely bespoke instrument made 100% for you and nobody else.
    If you would rather not pay the full balance up front, you can email us to reserve a place in our production queue and depending on circumstances, the only cost will be a £50 non refundable deposit, with the remaining balance due payable upon completion and before the bodhralele is shipped.