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Introducing an amazing new service from BTLX Custom Instruments.
We now offer an incredible custom finish service, courtesy of the wonderfully talented Mrs BTLX, better known as Amanda.


Mrs BTLX's custom finish is decoupage based, and it's proven to be a hugely popular option on our own guitars so we're offering it as a customisation to any guitar.

You can send us either your whole guitar, or you can choose to strip it down first yourself and send us just the body by itself.
If you send the whole guitar, your instrument will come into our luthiery shop first, where it will be dis-assembled with care and attention, and the body will be meticulously prepared for the application of the new finish, while the removed parts are cleaned, serviced and stored safely.

Next the body is passed through to our finish shop, where Mrs BTLX will get to work, carefully and skillfully creating your bespoke decoupaged finish.

The body will be sealed in a hard wearing, durable and gig-proof clear-coat and given a thorough polishing.
Finally, it will pass back through to the luthiery shop for re-assembly and a complete setup before being returned to your loving hands.

In essence, you'll be getting two services for the price of one - a custom finish, and a complete setup/service of your instrument.


You can choose from any theme you like - whether it's an in house pattern that we hold in stock, or one of your choice and we'll either source it for you, or produce it ourselves.

Custom Decoupage Re-Finish by Mrs BTLX's Custom Finish Shoppe


    UK Shipping is only £12
    International Shiipping is only £15

  • Made To Order

    Please be aware when purchasing this item that it is a custom job you are requesting, so it may take time to complete and return your instrument back to you.
    Presently it's taking 2 to 3 weeks from receipt of your instrument until you receive it back, however you'll be given a more accurate estimate of the timeframe when you order, along with full instructions on how to get your guitar to us.