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BTLX - A work in progress.

BTLX Custom Guitars are a labour of love above all else. The design has taken two whole years to perfect, from the very first embryo of an idea with rough prototypes, experiments both successful and unsuccessful, right up to the stage we're at today where the very first official BTLX guitar - BTLX001 - is about to emerge from the workshop and blink it's eyes for the very first time in the sunlight before a curious public.

Sam Knox, our master luthier has put everything he's got into developing this beautiful instrument, and has point blank refused to compromise or deviate from our mission statement in his efforts to create the perfect guitar.

Sam has only now signed off on his templates, moulds and assembly processes, having finally decided that they're good enough to bear the prestigious new BTLX brand name.

The development stage is now over.

The production stage is about to commence with Sam working day and night to build a limited supply of stock instruments which can be purchased right here.

Keep an eye on our site for the first of the instruments appearing along with the activation of our online store and links to our accounts on sites such as Amazon, Etsy and Reverb.

If you're curious as to who Sam is, or you're wondering why you've never heard of him in the luthiery world before, the answer is simple. This is Sam's first venture into full scale commercial luthiery.

Prior to this, Sam's skills were devoted to the rather less glamorous world of guitar repairs, and building "Frankenstein" guitars from components and parts salvaged from unwanted damaged instruments - breathing new life into instruments that others would consider dead - and this is where his passion for sustainable instruments and materials comes from.

Sam's workshop is affectionately known as "The Tardis" - a reference to his obsession with sci-fi and also to the workshop's diminutive size - although it's not much bigger than a phone box, big things happen within it's confines.

It may be scruffy, and even a little "Heath-Robinson" in nature, but it gets the job done and that's what matters.

So we await the debut of BTLX001 with baited breath.

A beautiful carbon fibre bodied hybrid acoustic guitar with hollow construction all the way to the headstock for maximum reverberation, an oak fretboard and a gorgeously book-matched burl oak figured top.

Loaded with a neck fitted hand wound BTLX Blade Sensor pickup, blended with a piezo pickup under the bridge, this is going to be a thing of beauty and make no mistake about it.

The Tardis - Sam's workshop where the magic happens
The Tardis - Sam's workshop where the magic happens

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