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Orlaith Series Resonator

The very first BTLX Orlaith (SN BTLX-ORL-001-NM) owned by Neil McIntosh, being played by the excellent guitar and bass instructor Andrew Robert Eustace. Check out his Facebook page for more information on his lessons.

Orlaith Series Resonator Acoustic
Orlaith Series Resonator Acoustic
Orlaith Series Resonator Acoustic
Orlaith Series Resonator Acoustic

Say hello to our beautiful Golden Princess - or Orlaith as she's affectionately called here in Ireland.
She's modern interpretation of the classic acoustic reonator guitars made famous by brands such as Dobro and National. Now it's time for BTLX to get in on that gritty bluesy action.

The Orlaith is hand crafted with intense care and attention from the finest of materials - ranging from modern composites such as carbon fibre and micarta, to more traditional materials such as mahogany, maple, roswewood, oak, beech, birch, walnut and sycamore.

Evey Orlaith resonator comes fitted with a spun alloy resonator cone for that uniquely bright, crisp and huge acoustic tone that we've all come to love from resonators, and for when you need some extra punch, we can also include an on-board piezo pickup and preamp system

Making one instrument at a time from the absolute finest of materials, we don't start work on a new instrument until the previous one has been completed, inspected, tested and signed off as perfect. This of course means that every Orlaith is a labour of love.