Mrs BTLX's Custom Finish Shoppe

Introducing an amazing new service from BTLX Custom Instruments.
We now offer an incredible custom finish service, courtesy of the wonderfully talented Mrs BTLX, better known as Amanda.

Mrs BTLX, a naturally creative artist is now offering an alternative to the natural wood and carbon fibre finishes that are our standard fayre, and is bringing a stunning decoupage alternative to the table.

This finish can be requested on any of our standard models with the exception of the Bodhralele, and we're also offering this as service to customise any guitar that you already own and want to change the look of.

There are a number of options to be chosen from - Choose which parts of the instrument get the new finish. You can choose the design, colour or pattern, you can supply your own artwork, you can choose stock designs that we have here, or you can request something unique that we will either source or produce for you. The only limit is your imagination.

All of Mrs BTLX's decoupage finishes are sealed within a robust and hard wearing clear-coat, polished to a high finish, so it not only looks amazing, it's durable and gig-proof too.

Have a look through the samples below and drop us a line - we're always happy to hear from you.

BTLX Tuagh with Decoupage finish

Pictured above is one of our standard Tuagh models with a musical score style decoupage finish, however as already mentioned, you're not limited to having this finish exclusively on your BTLX instrument.

Mrs BTLX is more than happy to breathe new life into your existing guitar by lovingly refinishing it according to your wishes and dreams, just like this concert ticket adorned Stratocaster, and beer label decorated Les Paul.

Stratocaster with Decoupage Finish
New Project (10) (3).jpg

If you want an existing instrument re-finished with Mrs BTLX's amazing decoupage finish, simply get in touch and ask for a price.
Depending on the scale of the job, the type of guitar, and the specifics you require, prices start as low as only £50.

Just drop an email to AMANDA@BTLXGUITARS.COM, or pick up the phone and give us a call.