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Amazing January Offer

BTLX Orlaith Series Resonator Acoustic

To herald in the brand new year 2021, and to bid good riddance to 2020 - possibly the worst year in living memory for all of us - we here at BTLX have decided to celebrate with some freebies.

For the entire month of January 2021, every single instrument bought from BTLX, whether it's a stock instrument, or a custom order Bodhralele, Ukulele, Orlaith or Tuagh, we're also going to include a pack of four hand made tonewood plectrums worth £20, absolutely FREE ! ! !

The plectrums are carved by hand from materials such as mahogany, maple, rosewood, walnut, oak, spruce and beech finished with Danish oil and a hard wearing acrylic clearcoat. They produce a warm loud note with a sharp attack and a long ring, and most importantly, they feel really great in your fingers.

So what are you waiting for? Lets get 2021 off to a musical start with a BTLX instrument and a complimentary set of BTLX tonewood plectrums.

Simply use the order form below, or visit the pages on our website for the instrument you're interested in.

Bodhralele - GCM Ukulele - Orlaith - Tuagh 
All orders with an initial deposit paid before February 1st 2021 will qualify for this amazing offer.