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Amazing January Offer

BTLX hand crafted tonewood plectrums
BTLX Orlaith Series Resonator Acoustic
BTLX GCM Series Ukulele
BTLX Bodhralele Series Banjolele
BTLX Tuagh Series Electric

To herald in the brand new year 2021, and to bid good riddance to 2020 - possibly the worst year in living memory for all of us - we here at BTLX have decided to celebrate with some freebies.

For the entire month of January 2021, every single instrument bought from BTLX, whether it's a stock instrument, or a custom order Bodhralele, Ukulele, Orlaith or Tuagh, we're also going to include a pack of four hand made tonewood plectrums worth £20, absolutely FREE ! ! !

The plectrums are carved by hand from materials such as mahogany, maple, rosewood, walnut, oak, spruce and beech finished with Danish oil and a hard wearing acrylic clearcoat. They produce a warm loud note with a sharp attack and a long ring, and most importantly, they feel really great in your fingers.

So what are you waiting for? Lets get 2021 off to a musical start with a BTLX instrument and a complimentary set of BTLX tonewood plectrums.

Simply use the order form below, or visit the pages on our website for the instrument you're interested in.

Bodhralele - GCM Ukulele - Orlaith - Tuagh 
All orders with an initial deposit paid before February 1st 2021 will qualify for this amazing offer.