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It's that time of year again, and this year BTLX Guitars are firmly on board this year.

Following the runaway success of last years competition, the awesome guys over at Crimson Guitars have once again stepped up to the mark and opened the competition for all to enter - and that's exactly what we've done.

There are two competitions - the open and the invitational.
As BTLX are still a relatively small fish in a rather large pond, we aren't on the radar for the invitational contest, but that won't stop us from taking the open contest by storm.

Within the open contest, there are two categories. The kit build and the scratch build. We have plans to dominate the Scratch Build side of the contest.


The event is hosted at the official Great Guitar Build Off website, and contestants are required to share Youtube videos of their progress.
You'll be able to start following our progress real soon through the BTLX Guitars Youtube channel.

Last years contest was ran for charity, with the individual builders choosing their own charities.
The charitable aspect of the contest continues this year, with Ben over at Crimson establishing an excellent umbrella charity that will assist up-and-coming luthiers, especially those with budgetary constraints, with the sometimes excessive costs of luthiery training and tools.

Of course, contestants are still free to auction off their finished instruments for charity, and that's exactly what we'll be doing. Every penny raised by our #GGBO21 build will be getting donated to The Royal British Legion, just as we did with the Remembrance Day Poppy ukulele.

Keep an eye on this space, our blog and our Youtube channel for updates on our entry into this years contest.

Fergus O'Verdrive


Your host and guide throughout this journey will be our very own Leprechaun Luthier, Fergus O'Verdrive.

Fergus is our mascot here at BTLX, and he loves nothing more than to rock out on his Battleaxe shaped guitar.
Over the next few months, Fergus will be presenting and hosting our Youtube videos - mainly because neither Sam nor Amanda are 100% happy showing their faces on screen (trust me, we're doing you a favour), and also because Fergus has way more personality.

Any time you see Fergus on our website or social media feeds, give him a click for an update on our #GBBO21 progress.

Huge thanks to Ellen Moore for her amazing artwork bringing Fergus to life.