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Duilleog Series Ukulele


The Duilleog (Irish for Leaf - my grandson's name), is a completely new Ukulele concept, and 100% unique to BTLX.

We've taken inspiration from several instruments, combining the body shape and construction of a traditional Mandolin, the tuning and scale length of a Soprano Ukulele, and the Bodhran drumskin of a Bodhralele. 

The Duilleog is hand crafted from the finest of materials, and features a genuine Irish Bodhran drum for its soundboard. This combined with a natural tonewood soundbox body, creates perhaps the fullest and most dynamic sound of all our folk instruments.


But don't just take our word for it.
Check out the video clips above of Noel Crowley playing his, and read this amazing review sent to us from Lee Walter.


"Wow!  The strings are starting to settle and I'm loving it!
The instrument came to life in my hands, I've honestly never experienced any of my ukes, Banjo or accoustic guitar do that just when the strings start to hold tune.
The richness from the organic drum head is awesome adding colour, resonance and a richness I'm not use to hearing from my playing.
Strummed or picked I love it and played fast something magic happens."


Followed the next day with this addition.

"I've spent almost the whole night playing through everything I know and even just rolling through some of my favourite chord progressions over and over is makeing me Very happy.
I'm not a trained musician, I'm just an average Joe but but my ears and my heart work, so I know what I like."

Making one instrument at a time from the absolute finest of materials, we don't start work on a new instrument until the previous one has been completed, inspected, tested and signed off as perfect. This of course means that every Duilleog is a labour of love.