Blind Auction for BTLX001

Your chance to own BTLX001, and help an incredible animal charity at the same time.

Here at BTLX Custom Guitars, we are animal lovers.
Our workshop and centre of operations has four extra special little furry residents and workers called Rinty, Midget, Spud and Betty. They're cats - mostly rescue cats - and they're the most adorable little critters you ever did meet.

One of our very special friends is an amazing lady by the name of Jackie Petrie, who works tirelessly, day and night, in all weather conditions to rescue lost, injured and neglected animals all across Northern Ireland.
Jackie does this work entirely at her own expense, and as you can imagine, her expenses are pretty steep.

Recently, Jackies fortunes were dealt a blow when her car finally gave up on her and had to go into retirement.
This vehicle is essential to her work, and she is quite literally lost without it - operating on a very tight shoestring budget, relying mainly on charitable donations and the goodwill of fellow animal lovers, she is in no financial position to replace it.
So we at BTLX want to do something to help her.

This is why we've taken the decision to run a blind auction for the very first BTLX guitar.
We could have sold it for a fixed price, and just considered it a regular business transction, but instead we've decided to allow you guys to set the price, and donate 100% of the proceeds to Jackie.

As already mentioned, we're going to do this as a blind auction, and the rules are devilishly simple.

Using the form below, simply enter your name, a means of contacting you, and your bid amount. You decide how much you are prepared to pay for the guitar. The highest unique bid by the closing date will win and we will contact the bidder to arrange payment via an escrow service and delivery of the instrument.
The bids will not be published, and neither will the reserve price.

Only the winning bid will be announced once the auction has closed, and any requests for anonymity will be respected.

Bear in mind that this is the very first instrument to carry the BTLX brand, and will bear the prestigious serial BTLX001. Imagine if you'd been lucky enough to buy the first ever production Stratocaster or Les Paul. We're not just talking about a high quality instrument - we're talking about a solid investment for the futore too.
But most importantly, we're talking about helping an extremely worthy cause to keep doing the amazing work they do.

Place your bid here

Thanks For Bidding!