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Bodhralele Series Banjolele

The Bodhran Series Banjolele, or Bodhralele as we prefer to call it, represents the fusion of two very different cultures into one incredible and fun musical instrument - Irish and Hawaiian.

The Bodhralele is hand crafted from the finest of materials, and features a genuine Irish Bodhran drum for its body, giving a softer, warmer tone than a regular banjolele.

Making one instrument at a time from the absolute finest of materials, we don't start work on a new instrument until the previous one has been completed, inspected, tested and signed off as perfect. This of course means that every Bodhralele is a labour of love.

BTLX Custom Musical Instruments, 24 Albert Road, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim, N Ireland, BT38 8AB.

tel 07788 940 484 - email sam@btlxguitars.com