Blade Resonator

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Part of our BTLX Holy Trinity, the Blade Resonator pays tribute to possibly the most influential musical genre of modern times, the blues.
Featuring a semi-solid chambered body, the Blade Resonator takes it's influence from the iconic guitar brands National and Dobro by using a metal spun resonator cone to project its voice loudly, clearly and most importantly acoustically with a unique bright ringing tone.

Of course, the Bodhran Resonator isn't purely an acoustic instrument. It can rock along withe best of them too, with a neck position custom wound Hot Rails pickup and an under bridge piezo pickup.

This guitar is particularly well suited to bottleneck slide playing, and it's sound will carry you instantly to the gator infested swamps of Louisiana or the dark smoky blues clubs of Chicago.

Made from select timbers such as maple, rosewood, walnut and spruce as well as some more modern composite materials, such as our own unique micarta and carbon fibre blend, we feel we've created an instrument that looks as stunningly good as it sounds.

The use of timbers such as spruce alongside other more exotic tonewoods like rosewood, walnut and maple allows us to swap out a lot of expensive non-sustainable timbers for more affordable, environmentally friendly ones. 

This is both kind on your bank balance and also on the planet.

At BTLX, we've tried to simplify your playing experience too - after all, we're guitarists not sound engineers. So with that in mind, we've taken the bold step of removing volume and tone controlls from the guitar, replacing them simply with on/off switches for each pickup.

This allows you the freedom to instantly mix the pickups in whatever configuration you like, but you won't be distracted by trying to dial in your perfect tone or fiddling with volumes. Lets face it, you don't need all that fancy stuff to make beautiful sounds with your acoustic, and all those controls are duplicated on your amp anyway.
Keep it simple - focus on your playing.