The Tuagh acoustic is the latest and most amazing offering from the BTLX range of hand crafted instruments.

We've taken our standard solid body Tuagh model and went right back to the drawing board with it. The aim? To produce an acoustic instrument that combines the volume and projection of a parlor guitar, with the comfort and playability of an electric guitar.

Made from the finest materials such as walnut, mahogany, maple, rosewood and our own unique composite blend of carbon fibre, diolen, lycra and epoxy, the Tuagh acoustic oozes luxury and has a rich warm tone with a crisp treble thanks largely to the carbon fibre elements.

The first thing you'll notice about the Tuagh acoustic is the smaller body size. Certainly smaller than a parlor acoustic. Don't let this fool you though, as it boasts a full size scale length with an electric style profile to the neck, and it kicks out an unexpectedly loud tone despite it's shallow body depth. 

We've spent two years developing a unique shape for the back along with our own system of horn-like sound channelling baffles on the inside, all of which has resulted in a guitar that offers the punch of an acoustic with the comfortable ease of an electric.

BTLX Tuagh Series Electric with Bodhran Drumskin
BTLX Tuagh Series Electric with Carraig Solid Body
BTLX Tuagh Series Electric with Blade Resonator

In ancient times, the warrior heading valiantly into combat wielded his Battle Axe and swung it with great skill and precision. Similarly, in the modern age, a guitarist heading off to rock also wields their own Axe, handling it as if it were an extension of their own body.
Those ancient battleaxes were forged by blacksmiths, the artisan craftsmen of their day, produced with intense love and attention to detail. They had to be perfect in every way, uniquely tailored to the individual warrior who would own it. They were the original Custom Shop Axes.
A guitarists Axe today is no different. Lovingly crafted to the highest specifications, from the finest materials, uniquely customised by the luthier to meet the needs of the individual musician who will own and play it.
Just like those warriors of old, todays musicians need their own Battle Axe.
They need a BTLX.
To those about to rock - We salute you.

BTLX Custom Guitars - pronounced BattleAxe - is the name behind Ireland's latest and finest brand of custom hand made hybrid musical instruments.

Each BTLX guitar is individually crafted in the small seaside town of Carrickfergus, in the shadow of our majestic 800 year old Norman castle, either as a stock model, or to the unique specifications of the individual customer. 

Our instruments are made the old fashioned way - one at a time - which may seem like an unusual way to work, but we like to devote 100% of our time and attention to each guitar, seeing it through to perfect completion before devoting the same attention to detail to the next one.

Above all else however, we aim to bring you very high quality hand made custom guitars, without the usual astronomical price tags that you would normally associate with this kind of instrument.

Unlike other guitar makers, we don't follow the established crowd by creating copyright infringing clones of the big brand manufacturers models. Instead we have spent considerable time developing our own unique design, optimized to make the most of both traditional and cutting edge composite materials forged together with particular attention being paid to both playability and the perfect tone.

You can purchase a BTLX guitar in one of two ways.

You can buy one of our off-the-peg stock instruments, all of which come with a service agreement.

Alternatively, if you have something a bit different in mind and you feel that BTLX would be the perfect vehicle for your dream axe, get in touch and tell us your vision, and we'll come back to you with a quote.